EHA Clinics, a leading primary healthcare provider in Nigeria, is thrilled to announce a significant investment of $2 million and a generous donation of $112,000 from eHealth Africa (eHA). This strategic move, unanimously approved by the eHA Board of Directors, showcases their unwavering support for healthcare initiatives in Nigeria and their commitment to improving access to high-quality healthcare services for all.

During the recent board meeting, Evelyn Castle, Chairperson of the eHealth Africa Board of Directors, reaffirmed the organization's dedication to advancing healthcare in Nigeria. She expressed her delight in allocating these funds to strengthen and enhance the operations of EHA Clinics, benefiting thousands of individuals across the country.

The increased investment from eHA in EHA Clinics represents a profound endorsement of our clinic's exceptional performance and unwavering dedication to delivering superior healthcare services. Over the past 5 years, EHA Clinics has consistently demonstrated its commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate primary healthcare services by leveraging innovative technology solutions and a skilled medical workforce.

Paul Hogan, Chief Operations Officer of EHA Clinics Limited, highlighted the impact of the investment, stating, "The additional $2 million investment from eHA will enable us to expand our capacity, improve infrastructure, and upgrade our facilities across our five branches. With this funding, we aim to enhance our primary healthcare services, ensuring that even more individuals have access to quality medical care, diagnostic services, and treatment options across Nigeria."

Furthermore, the $112,000 donation will be allocated to support our community health program, REACH. Since its establishment in 2019, the EHA Clinics REACH program has positively impacted over 7,000 families in underserved communities. By 2024, we aim to extend our reach to benefit 20,000 families. The newly established REACH primary healthcare hubs in Abuja and Kano are projected to serve an average of 300 customers daily, with in-person care provided to 100 individuals and others accessing virtual consultations through EHA Care, our digital health platform.

"Through this generous contribution, the REACH program will complete the facility set up and early operational cost of the newly established REACH hubs in Abuja and Kano, Nigeria," added Paul Hogan.

By leveraging technology and community-focused initiatives, EHA Clinics and eHealth Africa aim to revolutionize healthcare delivery in Nigeria. Through our collaborative efforts, we will continue bridging healthcare access gaps and providing comprehensive, patient-centered care to all.

For more information, kindly contact: Chizorom Daniella Ukwa