Family Standard

Customize your plan to fit your family

    ₦ 160,000.00 ₦ 160,000.00 160000.0 NGN / Year

    ₦ 160,000.00

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    Youth (0-19 years old)
    Adult (20-65 years old)
    Senior (above 65 years old)


    • Discounted ambulance services for transportation between hospitals within metropolitan Kano and Abuja.
    • One discounted annual dental check up and cleaning session per year.
    • Primary Dental Care (relief of pain, fillings, nonsurgical procedures, extractations, preventive care, scaling and polishing) offered at a 20% discount from cost for all.
    • Unlimited free dental consultations year round.
    • Discounted annual optical examination service
    • Eye testing, contact lens and glasses prescriptions offered at a discounted price
    • Treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases offered at a discounted price
    • Unlimited free optical consultations
    • Eligible for 2 adults (20 - 65 years) and 2 youths (0 - 19 years).
    • Additional Immunizations (Chicken Pox, Hepatitis B, HPV, Influenza, Meningitis, MMR, Rotavirus Yellow Fever vaccines) offered at a discount.
    • All medications offered at a discounted price
    • Free pharmaceutical consultation year round
    • Free Routine Immunizations for 0 -5 years: BCG, DPT, Measles, Oral Polio, Pentavalent vaccines and Vitamin A supplement.
    • All available contraceptive methods offered at a discount.
    • Cancer screening offered at a discount.
    • Free prenatal services (including ultrasounds) offered year round.
    • Preconception counseling management services offered at a discount
    • STD testing and counseling offered at a discount
    • All lab tests discounted
    • Free ECG services year round
    • Free Ultrasound services year round