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Research is an integral component of EHA Clinics’ approach to improving the wellness of our patients and communities.

About EHA Clinics Research

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Research is an integral component of EHA Clinics’ approach to improving the wellness of our patients and communities. We create and conduct innovative research to enhance health and transform care delivery.

Many clinicians at EHA Clinics are also researchers who publish findings, develop novel protocols, and pioneer new tests and treatments. All of this activity fosters improved patient care, and enables EHA Clinics to recruit and retain clinician-scientists of the highest caliber.

Our Research Areas

Laboratory and Diagnostics

Clinical Research

Genomics Research

COVID19 Genomic Sequencing

Health and Behavioral Economics

Community Health Research

Research Data Management

Chronic Disease Study

Infectious Disease and Neglected Tropical Diseases

Malaria Knowledge Survey in Guinea

Our Research Projects

Cold Chain Device Research


Global Good


2015 - current


EHA partnered with Global Good to field-test 2 of their cold chain equipment projects and provide iterative improvement support. Equipment was tested in active health facilities and community based health activities across Northern Nigeria.

Malaria RDT Interpretation with Computer Vision


ThinkMD, eHealth Africa


July 2020 - Dec 2020


400 million RDTs are administered worldwide each year for malaria, of which tens of millions are misadmistered or misinterpreted. This is a field-based study to test the accuracy of Audere’s OpenRDT platform for automatic reading of malaria rapid diagnostic tests (mRDTs).

Partner with Us

Contract Research

EHA Clinics can work with established research organizations to provide on-the-ground support for research projects located in Nigeria.

Our team can support in the development of research protocols which can be implemented effectively in resource constrained environments and can manage all study operations, logistics, and data management.

Additionally, EHA Clinics can support in getting all necessary IBR approvals for research based in Nigeria.

Research Partnership

We have a history of successful research partnerships with groups like UNICEF, ThinkMD, and the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC).

Our partners say that collaborating with EHA Clinics increases the quality, output, and impact of their research. Partner with us to help push the boundaries of research even further.

Conduct Student Research

EHA Clinics welcomes outstanding students from within Nigeria and beyond to work with us to conduct research for their educational requirements.

Research must be supported by the students university and must be carried out with international research best practices.

Searching for more?

We don't have all the answers, however, our team of experts is great at seeking out the unknown.

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