Medication does not have to be another challenge of managing your healthcare.

At EHA Clinics, our pharmacy team is here to help. We offer pharmacist consultations and prescription filling services in all of our locations.

Our onsite pharmacies collaborate with trusted pharmaceutical partners to dispense high-quality medications and brands with good, time-tested therapeutic outcomes. Our partnerships ensure the quality of all medications, drug safety, and virtually no stock-outs, all aimed to provide therapeutic relief to patients.

Pharmacy Consultations

There is always a pharmacist on duty so you can have your questions answered during your doctor's appointments or wellness visits. The pharmacist will review your information to ensure the medication is appropriate and interacts safely with any other medications you may be taking.

Mobile Pharmacy

For the convenience of our clients, we also offer mobile pharmacy services to deliver all prescriptions to any location within the metropolitan areas of any of our locations, ensuring that clients never run out of the medication they need.