EHA Clinics HealthMate

Expert healthcare at your fingertips.
The HealthMate Mobile App is here to connect you to all the benefits of your membership.

Just one more way EHA Clinics is changing the way healthcare works in Nigeria.

EHA Clinics HealthMate is a mobile application that is designed to

  • connect you to your medical team for your most pressing medical questions
  • give you access to all of the great services provided by EHA Clinics
  • manage your EHA Clinics appointments
  • conveniently book a COVID-19 test in one of our facilities
  • give you access to your medical data, lab tests and prescriptions

We know how valuable your time is, and we are keenly aware of the importance of staying home to stay safe today. EHA Clinics HealthMate makes sure you can save time, have peace of mind, and still receive the quality medical care and attention that you and your family deserve. Available now on Google Play Store and App Store for your mobile phone.

Download EHA Clinics HealthMate Mobile Application now.