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Get tested in the safety of your home or any other facility in the city areas of Abuja and Kano. GET TESTED NOW

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Being unsure of your COVID-19 status can be unsettling and scary.

Get tested for COVID-19 at our drive-through testing facility or in the safety of your home or any other facility in the city areas of Abuja and Kano. Your results will be ready in 8 hours.
The following tests are available at EHA Clinics:

PCR Test

A Gold Standard molecular diagnostic test used to confirm an active Coronavirus infection. Conducted using a nasopharyngeal sample collected using a swab.

Antigen Test

A rapid diagnostic test with less accuracy than the PCR test used for screening for an active Coronavirus infection. Positive results should be followed up by PCR. Conducted using a nasopharyngeal sample collected by swab.

IgM Antibody Test (RDT)

A rapid diagnostic test with very high accuracy used to determine the presence of COVID-19 antibodies indicating a previous infection of Coronavirus.

The IgM Antibody Test is required for travels to China.

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How does testing work?

Before testing
  1. Payment must be received before an appointment can be confirmed.
  2. Once payment is confirmed, your appointment will be booked and you will receive a confirmation via email.
  3. If you are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms, isolate yourself to keep others safe.
  4. Ensure you wear a face mask at all times when at our testing facility.
  5. For COVID-19 tests for the purpose of travel, kindly ensure that your booking is within the testing window of the airline you are travelling with and no later than 48 hours before your proposed travel date to ensure the availability of your results prior to departure.
During testing
  1. Kindly indicate to the security personnel at the gate that you are here for COVID 19 test.
  2. Kindly follow the instructions given on where to park and how to access your test.
  3. Do not come out of your car.
  4. If you do not come with a car, the security personnel will direct you to the designated waiting area. Please stay seated until it is your turn.
  5. Note that testing will be on a first come first served basis for patients who are booked for the same time slot.
After testing
  1. Your results will be sent via email within 8 hours of testing.
  2. All positive patients will receive a call from the clinic to discuss treatment and next steps.
  3. Stamped results can be obtained at the clinic for those that require one for the purpose of travel. Inform the receptionist at the gate that you would like to have your test stamped. Note that we do not print out results at the clinic. You will need to bring your printed COVID-19 test result with you.

Information about Test Interpretation

  1. All results must be interpreted by a clinician or authorized health care professional with due consideration of contact exposure, clinical presentation and patient outcomes. Please contact EHA Clinics to schedule a medical consultation if needed.
  2. Due to the nature of the test, sample collection, storage and transportation will have an impact on the result.
  3. The test is a molecular-based assay (PCR). False positives and negatives may occur for various reasons.
  4. COVID-19 is a notifiable condition in Nigeria and all test results are forwarded to the designated public health authorities in accordance with statutory provisions and governmental reporting protocols.
  5. It is the responsibility of the patient to consult a doctor and you can do so by booking an appointment at
  6. As PCR assays may remain positive after the period of infectivity, repeat PCR testing is not required after an isolation period of approximately 10 days.
  7. In patients previously infected with SARS-CoV-2, the PCR test may yield positive results for prolonged periods which is indicative of remnant RNA/DNA rather than infectious virus. In this scenario, if the PCR test is repeated in quick succession, these repeat tests may yield positive or negative results. Re-infection has also been reported and should be considered in cases where a subsequent PCR is positive 3 months after the initial diagnosis.
Interpretation of a NEGATIVE result:

A NEGATIVE result means that SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) was not detected. Negative results do not necessarily exclude infection with SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) and should not be the sole basis of a patient management decision. Retesting is advised if clinically indicated.

Interpretation of a POSITIVE result:

A POSITIVE result indicates the presence of SARS- CoV-2 (COVID-19). Patients are advised to contact their doctor immediately for clinical guidance and management.

Self-isolation is necessary for at least 10 days unless hospitalization is required. Close contacts should isolate for at least 10 days even if they are asymptomatic or should get tested after 7 days if they need to come out of isolation. In the event that they develop symptoms at any point during their self-isolation period, they are advised to immediately get tested for COVID-19.

If your result comes out as INVALID, we will reach out to you and ask you to come for a retest.


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COVID-19 Test: ₦25,000

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