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Your next steps

Check your email inbox for your receipt, your appointment confirmation, and the links to your triage forms.

Please fill out your triage form before your appointment.
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Come and get your sample collected

How does testing work?

Before testing
  1. An appointment booking will be sent to you via email after the payment has been made. Please note that the sample collection times are 10am and 1pm.
  2. Kindly ensure that you do not eat 2 hours before your proposed appointment as this can lead to invalid results.
  3. If you show symptoms or were exposed to someone with COVID-19, ensure that you self isolate before test
  4. Ensure that you come to the facility wearing your facemask.
  5. For COVID 19 test for the purpose of travel, kindly ensure that your booking is within the testing window of the airline you are travelling with and no later than 72 hours before your proposed travel date to ensure the availability of your results prior to departure.
During testing
  1. Kindly indicate to the security personnel at the gate that you are for COVID 19 test.
  2. Kindly follow the instructions given on where to park and how to access your test.
  3. Do not come out of your car.
  4. Note that testing will be on a first come first served basis for patients who are booked for the same time slot.
  5. Preference will be given to patients who have paid prior to coming in for the test.
After testing
  1. Your results will be sent via email within 8 hours of testing.
  2. All positive patients will receive a call from the clinic to discuss treatment and next steps.
  3. Stamped results can be made available at the clinic for those that require one for the purposes of travel.