Technical Lead - Software Development

Kano, Nigeria


Job Title: Technical Lead, Software Development

Department:  EHA Clinics and Laboratory Informatics

Reports to: Senior Manager, Informatics 

Location: Kano, Nigeria (Some travel may be required)

Who we are: EHA Clinics, a subsidiary of eHealth Africa,  is a chain of clinics spread across Nigeria that provides innovative and technology-driven healthcare to the population. EHA Clinics currently boasts of three Clinics located in Abuja and Kano and is working to expand to other parts of Nigeria. EHA Clinics uses state of the art equipment to bridge the gap in the provision of high quality diagnostics and healthcare through routine services 

Summary of Job:  The Technical Leader, Software Developer for SMART will be responsible for designing, developing and supporting the architecture and infrastructure for a portfolio of applications centered on Sickle Cell Anemia advocacy, education, testing, and treatment programs.  

This technical position involves using established agile methodologies to analyze, design, develop, implement, maintain, re-engineer and troubleshoot applications. The position requires a thought leader that understands component-driven development and interoperability between systems, medical devices, and data for seamless user experience in our clinics, our labs, and in the field.  The position also requires an individual that possesses the interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to technically lead the development team while balancing the architecture and development responsibilities of the role. 

Key Skills and Attributes / keywords: Android, Kotlin/Java, Android Architectures, ReactJS/React Native/Flutter, Python, REST microservices, Firebase, Kafka, Google Cloud, Embedded Device Integration, Biometric Integration.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: To perform this role successfully, the Software Developer will perform the following responsibilities in relation to all clinics which will include but are not limited to:

  • Works daily with a team of self-organized, cross-functional, talented developers to design and build software products that serve multiple stakeholders in the Sickle Cell Anemia advocacy, care, and treatment domain. 

  • We are building a world-class software product that will enable caregivers to maximize impact with SCA patients each and every visit through the digitization and discovery of patient data. Experience in the architecture, productization, packaging, and release of commercial software is strongly desired. 

  • Collaborates with product owners, the software development team and stakeholders to plan, design, develop, test, and maintain an offline-first, scalable, Cloud distributed mobile software application.

  • Provides positive, decisive, and trusted technical leadership for a hybrid team of core software developers and shared resources for quality assurance, product design, and develops. 

  • Demonstrates thought leadership by mentoring and assisting both technical and non-technical team members. 

  • Contributes to collaboratively architecting abstraction layers for both the front end and back end of an existing application for scale, maintainability, and reusability.

  • Participates in the evolution of company-level software best practices, standards, and policies

  • Grows valuable skills in software interoperability, architecture, medical device integration, and component-based software design.

Who you are 

  • Sound knowledge of Android/Java, Python, Javascript, relational and document data store technology such as PostgreSQL and Firebase; experience working full stack and across front and back end highly desired.

  • Track record of building and maintaining large scale software products.

  • Experienced in designing software solutions supporting secure and standards compliant information exchange with software and hardware systems

  • Experience in creation and review of software and architecture designs.

  • Experienced in agile software development methodology (e.g. Scrum, Sprint Planning, Retrospectives)

  • Strong unit test and debugging skills as well as proficiency in the use of code versioning and a standard suite of software development tools (Git, CI, etc.)

Work Experience:
S/he will be required to have had related and progressive experience on the skills outlined 

Qualifications & Training: 

  • Sound Bachelor’s degree from a college or university in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems Technology or a related field. A postgraduate degree is desirable.

  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Software Development or an equivalent of education and experience.

Salary: Competitive salary scale which is negotiable, but performance based.  

Accommodation & Transportation: Appropriate shared housing and daily transportation utilities to and from work by EHA Clinics for the duration of the contract. Facilities include a furnished apartment with basic appliances and will be staffed with a steward, and includes electricity, internet and 24-hour security. 

Other Benefits

The following benefits are available with this offer of employment:

Health Insurance: EHA Clinics will cover medical expenses for yourself, your spouse and up to two dependents. Further details are contained in the Nigeria Addendum to the EHA Clinics Employee Handbook.  

Group Life Assurance: EHA Clinics provides life insurance for you as our employee. This insurance is payable in the event of your death. The effective date of coverage will be upon successful completion of your probationary period.

Group & Personal Accident: EHA Clinics provides Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (ADD) for you as our employee. AD&D covers death by accidental means (rather than natural causes) and dismemberment. The effective date of coverage is your hire date.

Pension: EHA Clinics supports employee retirement preparation and investment by paying a 10% pension contribution on top of the statutory pension contribution of 8% that is already factored into your salary

Annual Leave: You are entitled to 21 days paid annual leave accrued at 1.75 days/month. Employees may begin scheduling leave with their direct supervisor upon successful completion of their probationary period