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Job title         Registered Nurse (REACH)

Department REACH

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Who we are

Reaching Everyone With Accessible Community Health (REACH) program is the community health program of EHA Clinics. Since launching in 2019, the program has served more than 7,000 families in Kano State, Nigeria who hitherto had limited to no access to quality healthcare services. Health is a fundamental human right and regardless of economic status or geographical location, everyone should have access to it. 

Mission Statement

The goal of the REACH program is to improve access and utilization of quality healthcare through innovative interventions on both the demand and supply side, using a collaborative community approach that ultimately seeks to reduce inequity in healthcare access as well as poverty.

Objectives of the REACH Program

Improve access to quality health services and products in communities, with priority given to the most vulnerable and underserved such as women, children and adolescents.

Promote Universal Health Coverage through the provision of a pro-poor pre-payment scheme to improve the affordability of healthcare products and services

Create livelihood opportunities for community members by providing business opportunities to improve income levels and enhancing community health through sales of health-related products and services

Our services

  • Pharmacy services

  • Primary care physician services

  • Childbirth & maternal care

  • Homecare services

  • Telemedicine

  • Outreaches

  • Ambulance services

  • Vision screening and Eyecare

Purpose of this position

The Registered Nurse provides direct and indirect care for assigned patients in various nursing units and home visits per scheduled shift. The Registered Nurse is primarily responsible for professional performance and safe patient care. The role encompasses nursing assessment, diagnosis, planning, intervention, evaluation, and coordination of care for patients across the healthcare continuum involving families. Duties include but are not limited to, managing patients with various medical cases.

Job responsibilities

The Registered Nurse will support REACH nursing department predominantly to:

  • Perform patient assessment using appropriate, problem-focused, and age-specific assessment techniques.

  • Analyze the assessment data, derive nursing interventions, set priorities according to patient needs, formulate a plan of care, implement and evaluate the outcome.

  • Document all relevant data in the electronic medical record according to clinic standards.

  • Treat patients and families with care and respect while maintaining patient privacy and confidentiality.

  • Involve the patient, significant others, and health care providers in the plan of care when appropriate.

  • Collaborate with other disciplines through multidisciplinary meetings and care conferences to facilitate patient care and operations.

  • Attends to Home care visits when scheduled on-call shift

  • Recognize subtle cues to anticipate potential problems.

  • Demonstrate the required assessment and therapeutic skills.

  • Implement and monitor infection control measures.

  • Apply safety measures related to patient care.

  • Operate all unit-required equipment safely.

  • Ensure the availability and maintenance of supplies and equipment needed for the unit and patient care.

  • Accountable for the use of patients’ and the clinic’s resources.

  • Accountable to the patient, the organization, the profession, and self.

  • Perform clerical duties when needed.

  • Provide basic life support when needed.

  • Administer medications, monitor desirable and undesirable effects, and intervene appropriately.

  • Ensure that patients are provided with appropriate nutrition.

  • Manage patients with infectious diseases when applicable.

  • Manage pediatric patients with infectious diseases when applicable.

  • Travel to patients’ homes to deliver care as required.

  • Strictly follow clinical guidelines and standard operating procedures set by the clinic management.

  • Provide emotional support and measures to alleviate fear and anxiety.

  • Assess patient and family readiness and identify learning needs.

  • Lead/encourage multidisciplinary approach for patient’s discharge.

  • Develop and implement the teaching plan utilizing the patient education manual.

  • Document patient and family education.

  • Participate in voluntary community health activities to promote, maintain and restore health and prevent diseases.

  • Adheres to Policies and Procedures.

  • Adheres to the REACH program Code of Conduct and ethical standards of the field.

Professional Development

The REACH Program requires all staff to keep their knowledge and skills up to date

  • S/he is expected to continue to learn throughout their career with the REACH Program through continuing professional development (CPD). The professional body relating to specialist areas will have information on the type of CPD to be carried out and how much should be completed each year. 

Key Areas of Note 

  • Ensure continuing education, training and development is undertaken to meet clinical governance guidelines for Continuing Professional Development and a Personal Development Plan. 

  • Keep up to date with relevant medical research, technology, and evidence-based medical practice by attending continuing education courses and professional meetings, reading journals, etc.

  • Perform a variety of research and analysis tasks associated with the improvement of clinical care, medical diagnosis, and treatment where appropriate.


The requirements listed below are representative of the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required to successfully perform this job.

  • Must have current clinical experience in direct patient care and have worked a minimum of 2 years in the last 3 years.

  • Must have at least 3 years of postgraduate nursing experience in an accredited University Teaching, Federal Medical Centre, or International hospital.

  • Bachelor’s Degree OR Diploma of Nursing from an accredited nursing college, University with High Distinction (Top 10% of graduating class).

  • Hold and maintain a current nursing license to practice in Nigeria.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Computer literacy

  • Excellent Communication

  • Working Under Pressure

  • Humane, Empathetic and Supportive Bedside Manner

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Problem solving and Initiative

  • Time Management and Organization

  • Attention to Detail