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Job title         Locum Doctor (REACH)

Department REACH

Reports to Project Manager

Who we are

Reaching Everyone With Accessible Community Health (REACH) program is the Community Health Program of EHA Clinics. Since launching in 2019, the program has served more than 7,000 families in Kano State, Nigeria who hitherto had limited to no access to quality healthcare services. Health is a fundamental human right and regardless of economic status or geographical location, everyone should have access to it. 

Mission Statement

The goal of the REACH program is to improve access and utilisation of quality healthcare through innovative interventions on both the demand and supply side, using a collaborative community approach that ultimately seeks to reduce inequity in healthcare access as well as poverty.

Objectives of the REACH Program

Improve access to quality health services and products in communities, with priority given to the most vulnerable and under served such as women, children and adolescents.

Promote Universal Health Coverage through the provision of a pro-poor pre-payment scheme to improve the affordability of healthcare products and services

Create livelihood opportunities for community members by providing business opportunities to improve income levels and enhancing community health through sales of health-related products and services

Our Services

  • Pharmacy services

  • Primary care Physician services

  • Childbirth & maternal care

  • Home care services

  • Tele-medicine

  • Outreaches

  • Ambulance services

  • Vision screening and Eye care

Purpose of this Position

The Locum Medical Doctor will perform a range of functions including but not limited to; initial history taking, clinical assessments, diagnosis, treatment, and evaluation of care. S/he must demonstrate critical thinking in the clinical decision-making process, especially in assessing and diagnosing patients, leading to the delivery of safe care for all patients. The successful candidate will work collaboratively with the healthcare team and the Management Team to meet the needs of the patients, supporting the delivery of policy and procedures.

The Medical Doctor will also review and act appropriately on blood results and referrals/correspondence regarding patients. In addition, S/he will be expected to occasionally carry out some home visits to patients if and when required. The Medical Doctor will report to the Chief Medical Officer and Project Manager.

Job Responsibilities

To perform this role successfully, the Medical Doctor will perform the following responsibilities in relation to all clinics which will include but are not limited to:

Clinical Tasks

  • Participate in all treatment and preventative healthcare services as delegated and agreed upon  by the supervising Program Supervisors/Manager(s).

  • Provide direct clinical care to patients using established clinical guidelines. 

  • Interview patients, take medical histories, perform physical examinations, analyse, diagnose and explain medical problems during surgery consultations and home visits. 

  • Consult, recommend and explain appropriate diagnostic tests and treatment. 

  • Request and interpret the results of laboratory investigations when necessary.   

  • Perform specialised diagnostic physical exams and treatment procedures. 

  • Instruct and educate patients in preventative health care. 

  • Conduct telephone consultations which may involve discussing results and implications of laboratory investigations with patients as well as dealing appropriately with routine and emergency complaints.

  • Order laboratory tests as required and agreed under supervising Medical Director.

  • Fully document all aspects of patient care and complete all required paperwork for legal and administrative purposes. 

  • Contribute to clinical development by developing a special interest and to help establish appropriate systems to manage common chronic medical conditions, ensuring compliance with approved standard treatment guidelines.

  • Participate fully in the clinicians’ duty rota including the provision of home visits when appropriate.

  • Formulate diagnosis and treatment plans, in consultation with or referring to Supervising doctor(s) as appropriate. 

  • Give clinical instructions to the Nursing staff and other clinical care teams as required.  

  • Communicate when necessary with colleagues in Clinical care and hospital specialists in order to discuss or refer specific patients, plan and coordinate activities or exchange information in order to improve the quality of patient care.

  • Deal regularly with community hospitals, consultants and other health care providers, insurance companies and other community organisations to refer/consult on specific cases, participate in community service and education projects and activities and the like. 

Administrative / Training 

  • Assist in clinical instruction and supervision of medical and nursing staff as well as other interns/student doctors that may periodically be attached to the clinics, including the educational development and mentoring of these individuals.

  • Support clinical research and efforts within the REACH program leading to the publication of papers.

  • Attend regular educational meetings organised by the program in order to update clinical knowledge, practice policy and guidelines and disseminate other useful information relevant to the provision of adequate healthcare for patients in order to discuss in a bid to learn from recent significant events relating to clinical practice occurring within the clinics.

  • Regularly reflect on own practice (and keep a record of learning encounters) in order to identify learning needs and encourage self-directed lifelong learning and continued professional development.

  • Send and receive written information on behalf of the clinic regarding matters of insurance and other issues relating to the physical and social welfare of patients.

Professional Development

The REACH Program requires all staff to keep their knowledge and skills up to date

  • S/he is expected to continue to learn throughout their career at The REACH Program through continuing professional development (CPD). The professional body relating to specialist areas will have information on the type of CPD to be carried out and how much should be completed each year. 

Key Areas of Note 

  • Ensure continuing education, training and development is undertaken to meet clinical governance guidelines for Continuing Professional Development and a Personal Development Plan. 

  • Keep up to date with relevant medical research, technology, and evidence-based medical practice by attending continuing education courses and professional meetings, reading journals, etc.

  • Perform a variety of research and analysis tasks associated with the improvement of clinical care, medical diagnosis, and treatment where appropriate.


The requirements listed below are the knowledge, skill, and/or ability required to successfully perform this job: 

  • Degree In Medicine - Minimum qualification of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery in any Global, National or State recognized University and conforming to the guidelines as set out by the Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria. 

  • At least 2+ years post-foundation program of general training

  • Compulsory completion of NYSC or exception certificate.

  • Up-to-date registration and license from the MDCN

  • Post-Graduate Medical and Dental qualification, Certification by WACP or equivalent body or Specialist training in a chosen area of medicine are added advantages.

Key Skills and Attributes

  • Computer literacy

  • Excellent Communication

  • Working Under Pressure

  • Humane, Empathetic and Supportive Bedside Manner

  • Leadership and Teamwork

  • Problem solving and Initiative

  • Time Management and Organization

  • Attention to Detail 


The payment for the locum doctor will be done per the number of hours spent seeing patients within the clinic.