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Who we are: EHA Clinics is a chain of clinics spread across Nigeria that provides innovative and technology-driven healthcare to the population. EHA Clinics currently boasts of three Clinics located in Abuja and Kano and is working to expand to other parts of Nigeria. EHA Clinics uses state-of-the-art equipment to bridge the gap in the provision of high-quality diagnostics and healthcare through routine services (general consultations, laboratory investigations, pharmaceuticals, annual medical checks, child wellness checks, ultrasonography...etc) and specialized services (telemedicine, medical evacuation, home care, dental care, ophthalmology, and radiology).


Within every clinic location, EHA Clinics simultaneously implements a Community Health Program which utilizes an innovative financing mechanism to promote universal health coverage and access for the low-income, uninsured and underserved population through a low-cost, pro-poor prepayment scheme.  These Programs form the basis of care EHA Clinics provide, catering to different cadres of the population based on economic profiles.


Summary of Job: The Fitness Coach primarily runs and supervises various fitness and health programs. The Fitness Coach will assess the physical and health conditions of clients, create appropriate exercise plans, monitor their improvement, explain applicable safety rules and regulations (e.g. use of equipment), and provide training and instruction on fitness programs to individuals and groups. The fitness instructor engages clients in exercise routines and weight loss programs and helps them to reach their individual goals. Ultimately, you will help our clients have fun and improve their health through exercise. 

Duties include but are not limited to, managing patients with various medical cases.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities: to perform this job successfully, an individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisfactorily. Other duties may be assigned.

Core Duties

  • Identify the client's fitness level and health

  • Oversee completion of exercise routines  

  • Track clients’ physical progress

  • Modify exercise plans based on needs, potential injuries, or health issues

  • Conduct individual and group fitness training sessions

  • Adopt a holistic training approach (e.g. cardiovascular exercise, strength)

  • Assisting in maintaining and improving the goals of the organization.

  • Ensuring the safety of clients during training sessions.

  • Conducting an initial assessment of clients' body measurements.

  • Monitoring BMI on a regular basis.

  • Motivating clients who have reached a plateau in weight loss.

  • Oversee the use of fitness equipment to ensure clients exercise properly and safely

  • Handle nutrition and health-related questions

  • Refer to and promote fitness packages and plans

  • Carry out First Aid and CPR if needed

  • Follow safety and hygiene guidelines

  • Supporting the development and delivery of fitness programs.

  • Assisting members in reaching individual goals.

Patient & Family Education/Support:

  • Provide emotional support and measures to alleviate fear and anxiety.

  • Assess patient and family readiness and identify learning needs.

  • Develop and implement the teaching plan utilizing the patient education manual.

  • Document patient and family education.

  • Participate in voluntary community health activities to promote, maintain and restore health and prevent diseases.

  • Adheres to Policies and Procedures.

  • Adheres to EHA Clinics Code of Conduct as well as ethical standards of the field.

Customer Service Requirements

  • Must have excellent customer service skills and communication skills

  • Must be able to plan and perform daily activities in an organized manner.

  • Must be kind, compassionate, dedicated, and patient.

  • Must have the ability to handle different kinds of emotions as well as manage on-the-job stress.

  • Must be focused, very detailed, and creative in making a decision.

  • Must be physically and mentally stable to handle extended shifts as well as mental pressure and traumatic events.

  • Must be able to review, analyze and respond to the different situations they encounter daily.

  • Must be able to think critically in adapting to change, judging situations, and taking appropriate decisions.

Professional Development

EHA Clinics requires all staff to keep their knowledge and skills up to date

  • S/he is expected to continue to learn throughout their career at EHA Clinics through continuing professional development (CPD). The professional body relating to specialist areas will have information on the type of CPD to be carried out and how much should be completed each year. 

Key Areas of Note 

  • Ensure continuing education, training and development are undertaken to meet clinical governance guidelines for Continuing Professional Development and a Personal Development Plan. 

  • Keep up to date with relevant Health and Wellness, medical research, technology, and evidence-based medical practice by attending continuing education courses and professional meetings, reading journals, etc.

  • Perform a variety of research and analysis tasks associated with the improvement of physical and health conditions of clients.

Work Experience: 

  • Must have 2-5 years of Fitness Centre management experience in a structured gymnasium or physical therapy facility.

Qualifications & Training:

  • A degree in Physical and Health Education, Kinesiology, or Sports Science is required.

Key Skills and Attributes: 

  • Previous work experience as a Fitness Trainer or similar role

  • Knowledge of diverse exercises and how to adjust plans according to each client’s needs

  • Ability to instruct and motivate people

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Teamwork

  • Available to work on early or late shifts and on weekends

  • Proven experience in CPR and First Aid


Competitive salary scale.

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