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Community Health Extension Worker/Nurse




EHA Clinics 

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Project Manager Think MD 

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Who we are


Reaching Everyone With Accessible Community Health (REACH) program is the community health program of EHA Clinics. Since launching in 2019, the program has served more than 7,000 families in Kano State, Nigeria who hitherto had limited to no access to quality healthcare services. Health is a fundamental human right and regardless of economic status or geographical location, everyone should have access to it. 

In collaboration with a non-profit organization - Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA) Nigeria, and a digital health company - ThinkMD, we are conducting a research project to examine the effect of equipping lower-level healthcare providers with a physician-level logic and clinical skill set tool. The research is aimed at enabling frontline providers to make better and more comprehensive integrated clinical assessments and care plan decisions that will increase overall healthcare clinical capacity and allow for the scaling of a quality healthcare workforce to meet the needs of patients at the point of care.

Mission and Vision

The goal of the REACH program is to improve access and utilization of quality healthcare through innovative interventions on both the demand and supply side, using a collaborative community approach that ultimately seeks to reduce inequity in healthcare access as well as poverty.

Objectives of the REACH Program

Improve access to quality health services and products in communities, with priority given to the most vulnerable and underserved such as women, children and adolescents.

Promote Universal Health Coverage through the provision of a pro-poor pre-payment scheme to improve the affordability of healthcare products and services

Create livelihood opportunities for community members by providing business opportunities to improve income levels and enhancing community health through sales of health-related products and services

Our services

  • Pharmacy services

  • Primary care physician services

  • Childbirth & maternal care

  • Homecare services

  • Telemedicine

  • Outreaches

  • Ambulance services

  • Vision screening and Eyecare

Core Responsibilities 

Area 1:ThinkMD Research 

  • Observe and document provider-patient interactions according to study protocol.

  • Assess Hawthorne effects and spot problems with data recording

  • Collect data (structured and unstructured) using appropriate tools. 

Area 2: Prevention and Control of Communicable and Non-Communicable Diseases 

  • Educate the community on early detection and prevention of communicable diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and NTDs) 

  • Register chronic care patients into the empanelment program,follow up and update the doctor.

  • Perform disease surveillance and follow up of cases 

  • Educate the community on healthy lifestyle and early detection of diseases 

  • Screening (including point of care testing and procedures) and referral of clients requiring further investigation and management  

  • Follow up cases and promote community-based rehabilitation  

  • Provide first aid service and refer client requiring further care 

Area 3. Family and Reproductive health Services

  • Provide basic nutrition information/education to the client 

  • Provide antenatal examination and information for a pregnant woman

  • Be able to take vaginal delivery 

  • Be able to perform episiotomy

  • Perform immediate neonatal care and post-partum care/support

  • Conduct home visit and refer a pregnant woman with risk factors 

  • Provide services for lactating mothers on infant care, nutrition and exclusive breastfeeding

  • Implement family and community practices that promote child survival, growth and development activities (Exclusive breastfeeding, complementary feeding, Micronutrients, hygiene, immunization, use of bed nets for malaria prevention, psychosocial development, homecare of illness, home treatment for infections, care-seeking, compliance with advice and ANC)  

  • Assess and manage common childhood illness and refer child requiring further care (childhood diarrhea, malaria, and ARI) 

  • Educate the community on family planning options/methods and provide family planning service 

  • Promote adolescent and youth RH services 

Area 4: Hygiene and Environmental Sanitation

  • Promote and provide environmental and personal hygiene education 

  • Establish and demonstrate community-appropriate sanitation technologies 

  • Provide education on environmental health services (excreta disposal, solid and liquid waste disposal, water supply safety measures, food hygiene and safety measures, healthy home environment, control of insects and rodents, personal hygiene).


Area 5: Health Promotion, Education and Communication 

  • Provide health promotion and education services 

  • Perform advocacy for identified health issues 

  • Promote community mobilization on the identified health issues 

  • Participate in health campaigns 

  • Distribute IEC materials and paste the same in and around strategic locations within assigned clusters.

  • Act as the community entry point for all EHA clinics staff and other individuals visiting the community on account of EHA Clinics.

  • Organize special events in collaboration with other CHEWs, CHNs, and CHP doctors to increase visibility and update of all mentioned services

  • Be responsible for updates on the security situation and cultural norms or any community event that may pose a challenge to EHA Clinics activities and schedule in the community.

  • Act as an agent for Community-Based-Distribution of all approved ethical health products

  • Continuous training  for CHEWs,CHNs at EHA Clinics 

Area 6: Community Health Service Management 

  • Plan, coordinate and lead the Community Health Program at the grassroots level in collaboration with the community, partners, and other voluntary health 

  • Strengthen the implementation of the referral system 

  • Ensure proper and safe use of ICT devices that are available for registration and service provision  

  • Request medicines and supplies in a timely manner, collecting them, registering in accordance with official guidelines  

  • Manage supplies and equipment 

  • Attending monthly outreaches organized by either the program or partner 

Area 7: First Aid 

  • Assess, identify client’s condition and provide first aid service  

  • Refer client requiring further care 

Area 8. Vital Statistics, Data Management, and Reporting

  • Collect vital events and surveillance data 

  • Document activities using reporting tools provided by EHA Clinics

  • Document findings that will guide in the development of community-specific strategies for an implementation plan for EHA Clinics community health activities

  • Document and share success stories and best practices from communities of intervention

  • Providing community healthcare services to a minimum of 40 patients weekly 

  • Document genuine data from patients seen

Area 9. Performance

  • Meet up with set key performance indices for your role

Qualifications & Training

  • Certificate of training as a community health worker (CHEW)

  • Valid Practicing license  

Key Skills and Attributes: 

  • Must come from the assigned community and must be able to communicate proficiently in appropriate language of the assigned cluster

  • Basic Computer literacy

  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)

  • Working Under Pressure

  • Humane, Empathetic and Supportive Bedside Manner

  • High level of patience and tolerance in dealing with community people 

  • Problem solving and Initiative

Work Environment 

The work environment characteristics described here are representative of those an employee encounters while performing the essential functions of this job. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential functions. The noise level in the work environment is usually moderate but can become louder at times due to group discussions or activities. The REACH Clinic and programs are a tobacco-free environment. 

Above all

We believe strongly in our mission and our core values and our teams are most successful when they do also.