Job Title:


Team Lead Supervisor (TLS)     



Reports to:

EHA Clinics 

Assistant Manager, Operations


Abuja & Kano 

Who we are: EHA Clinics, a subsidiary of eHealth Africa,  is a chain of clinics spread across Nigeria that provides innovative and technology-driven healthcare to the population. EHA Clinics currently boasts of three Clinics located in Abuja and Kano and is working to expand to other parts of Nigeria. EHA Clinics uses state of the art equipment to bridge the gap in the provision of high-quality diagnostics and healthcare through routine services (general consultations, laboratory investigations, pharmaceuticals, annual medical checks, child wellness checks, ultrasonography...etc) and specialized services (telemedicine, medical evacuation, home care, dental care, ophthalmology, and radiology).


Within every clinic location, EHA Clinics simultaneously implements a Community Health Program which utilizes an innovative financing mechanism to promote universal health coverage and access for the low-income, uninsured and underserved population through a low-cost, pro-poor prepayment scheme.  These programs form the basis of care EHA Clinics provide, catering to different cadres of the population based on economic profiles.


Summary of Job: the Team Lead Supervisor manages the command center operators including the shift supervisors. S/he communicates company goals, safety practices, and deadlines to the team. Motivates team members and assesses performance. Provides help to management, including hiring and training, and keeps management updated on team performance. Communicates concerns and policies among management and team members.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: To perform this role successfully, the TLS  will perform the following responsibilities,  which will include but are not limited to:

Core Tasks

  • Supports shift supervisor and performs management duties when the manager is absent or out of office

  • Establish procedures and be responsible for managing sensitive victim and family member information

  • Responding to incoming calls to the Command Center (EHA Clinics and COVID-19 test queues)

  • Coordinating technical support with the IT team in restoring services and updating PBX configuration based on changes done to the team structure and support plan.

  • Ensure appropriate information is made available to the agents

  • Ensure follow-up is conducted on every open ticket as required and TAT is kept at a minimum

  • Ensure pertinent information on EHA Clinics operation is updated and disseminated to command center operators as well as other supporting agents (front desk and eHA help desk agents) in a timely manner.

  • Review call records and generates reports of command center activities to determine staffing requirements, assess training needs, identify technical problems with equipment, and to make appropriate adjustments in the operations.

  • Coordinate closely with nurses and doctors on call, Clinic staff/members to ensure proper coordination when responding to emergency situations.

  • Ensure all command center applications and systems are running at all times.

  • Manages inventories and stock, including keeping detailed records of inventory use and sales, and advising management on orders where necessary

  • Provides encouragement to team members, including communicating team goals and identifying areas for new training or skill checks

  • Assists management with hiring processes and new team member training

  • Answers team member questions, helps with team member problems,,,, and oversees team member work for quality and guideline compliance

  • Communicates deadlines and performance goals to team members

  • Develops strategies to promote team member adherence to company regulations and performance goals

  • Conducts team meetings to update members on best practices and continuing expectations

  • Generates and shares comprehensive and detailed reports about team performance, objectives, and deadlines

  • Ensures company brand materials and physical working spaces meet and exceed company presentation standards

  • Provides quality customer service, including interacting with customers, answering customer inquiries, and effectively handling customer complaints

  • Other duties as required to ensure customer satisfaction

Work Experience: S/he will be required to have had related and progressive experience in a healthcare organization and customer service environment.


  • 3-5 years of work experience as a team leader or supervisor in a customer service environment

  • In-depth knowledge of performance metrics

  • Good computer skills

  • Excellent communication and leadership skills

  • Organizational and time-management skills

  • Decision-making skills

  • A degree in Management or training in team leading is a plus


  • Team Leadership Experience

  • Product Knowledge and Industry Experience

  • Leadership Skills

  • Strong Oral and Written Communication Skills

  •  Motivational Skills

  •  Results-Oriented

  •  Employee Training Experience

  •  Interviewing Skills

  • Strong Relationship Building, Customer Service Skill



Competitive salary scale based on improvements from the CONMESS and CONHESS salary structures as well as surveys from top private hospitals in Nigeria. Salary is negotiable but performance-based. Base salary constitutes 70%, while 30% is a bonus based on predefined individual performance indicators and monthly organizational performance. 

Other Benefits

The following benefits are available with this offer of employment:

Health Insurance: EHA Clinics will cover medical expenses for yourself, your spouse and up to two dependents. Further details are contained in the Nigeria Addendum to the EHA Clinics Employee Handbook.  

Group Life Assurance: EHA Clinics provides life insurance for you as our employee. This insurance is payable in the event of your death. The effective date of coverage will be upon successful completion of your probationary period.

Group & Personal Accident: EHA Clinics provides Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance (ADD) for you as our employee. AD&D covers death by accidental means (rather than natural causes) and dismemberment. The effective date of coverage is your hire date.

Pension: EHA Clinics supports employee retirement preparation and investment by paying a 10% pension contribution on top of the statutory pension contribution of 8% that is already factored into your salary.

Annual Leave: You are entitled to 21 days paid annual leave accrued at 1.75 days/month. Employees may begin scheduling leave with their direct supervisor upon successful completion of their probationary period.



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