EHA Clinics’
Health Insurance Partners

EHA Clinics partners with Health Insurances to ensure we deliver safe, evidence based, high quality patient care to all enrollees.

With a dedicated managed care team, we ensure that your care at the clinic is coordinated and seamless.

Our Partners

  • AXA Mansard
  • Cigna Envoy
  • GeoBlue
  • Henner
  • MSO

Any patient under these plans wishing to access care can book appointments through the website, our HealthMate App or command centre. Upon arriving at the clinic, you will be required to present your insurance card at the front desk.

Depending on your plan, some services may not be fully covered by your insurance and you may be required to pay the difference. The front desk will inform you what those services may be depending on your insurer. Also expect to sign a bill for your insurer before you leave the clinic.

For other insurance companies that we may not partner with, we are also willing to offer you service and a comprehensive invoice after self payment so that you can be reimbursed by your insurer.

Do you have any questions?

0800-EHACLINICS (0800-342 254 6427)