Community Health Program

REACH (Reaching Everyone with Accessible Community Health) Program is a community-based intervention designed to provide high-quality, low-cost primary healthcare in underserved low-income, urban communities in the comfort of their own homes.


Healthcare Services at Home

Early Detection and Treatment

Our highly skilled team uses innovative technologies and point-of-care diagnostics to accurately diagnose and treat illnesses. Illnesses like Malaria, Typhoid, Cholera, HIV, and more, can result in death if they are not diagnosed on time, or treated late. Wounds and injuries can be quickly assessed, treated, and monitored for infections.

Preventive and Chronic Care

Routine health checks for the entire family are carried out at the convenience of their home. These check-ups are important, as they identify chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, early on, allowing early management and minimizing the risk factors and health declines caused by them.

Reproductive Health

We provide safe and quality healthcare to women before, during, and after childbirth with easy access to antenatal care (ANC), cervical cancer screening, reproductive health testing and counseling, and family planning services.


REACH provides vaccination services directly in the community ensuring complete uptake of immunization for children and adults at the appropriate times.


To ensure the well-being of our clients, the REACH team provides nutrition counseling and services to all patients. New or expecting mothers and those at risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes can easily get the information and support they need.

Quality & Affordable Medications

Novartis Social Business

Our collaboration with Novartis Social Business ensures that the REACH program is always stocked up on quality medications for the communities to access. The drugs cover key noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) including cardiovascular diseases, Type-2 diabetes, asthma, and breast cancer.


Working with mPharma and industry partners (ie Sanofi, Sandoz), REACH is able to reduce the cost of medications to our members and clients while ensuring the highest quality. Our negotiated discounts ensure that crucial medications are affordable to all.

Effective Referral Systems

EHA Clinics partners with select primary, secondary, and tertiary facilities in Kano State to provide seamless care to all REACH clients and patients who need additional medical or emergency care.

Each referral is accompanied with a comprehensive report of the patient’s diagnosis, medical history, treatment and test results. This ensures that patients are handed off to receive appropriate care throughout the healthcare system.

After discharge from a referral facility, REACH Nurses will follow up and ensure continued care and access to quality medications.

Data-driven Healthcare

EHA Clinics EMR System

The electronic medical record (EMR) system used by EHA Clinics is designed to enhance care delivery through clinical decision support based on structured diagnostic and treatment protocols. The EMR also allows for proactive management of patients with chronic conditions, ensures follow-ups for recent patients with acute conditions, and guarantees scheduled/routine visits are never missed (ie ANC, immunization, etc).

EHA Clinics Telemedicine

REACH teams have access to EHA Clinics medical expertise through our telemedicine system and can get quick follow up to questions or review of investigations that need input from a medical doctor.


REACH partners with THINKMD on the deployment and use of the MEDSINC mobile application. MEDSINC guides REACH Nurses and CHEWS to perform an integrated illness severity assessment for respiratory distress, dehydration, sepsis and malnutrition (none-moderate-severe) while simultaneously assessing the patient for risk of malaria, meningitis, anemia, urinary tract infections, skin infections, measles, ear infections and dysentery.

How to Support

Sponsor a family!

Do you know a family that needs some support? Sign them up today!
Or, we have a waiting list of families in the communities we currently service who are waiting for someone to support them.

Sponsor a community!

Do you have an under-served community near you that you want to support? We can expand to that community with the REACH program and register a specific number of houses in that community!

Partner with us!

Are you trying to reach underserved communities with health interventions, or do you have a community health research project that you need support with? Partner with the REACH program to leverage our network and have a greater impact by improving access to quality health care in these communities.

Membership Rates

Family Standard

  • Up to 4 family members included
  • Health and wellness
  • Prevention of chronic illness
  • At home care
  • Access to your nurse after-hours and Same-Day appointments
  • Discount medications, labs, and more
₦18,000 / Year

Family Standard + Drug Benefit

  • Up to 4 family members included
  • Health and wellness
  • Prevention of chronic illness
  • At home care
  • Access to your nurse after-hours and Same-Day appointments
  • FREE medications, labs, and more
₦30,000 / Year

Current Locations

Our Impact

1000+ consultations/month

Dada's Story

For more than five years, Dada suffered from headaches and severe fatigue but she never imagined that they could be symptoms of something more serious. She attributed the headaches and fatigue to the stress from looking over the more than twenty children in her household. In her small community in Kawo, a suburb of Nassarawa Local Government Area of Kano State, it is believed that being robust or gaining weight is associated with wealth or a high standard of living—a perception shared by Dada herself and many Nigerians.

"For more than 5 years, I felt regular tiredness and headaches during the day and I was unable to sleep at night without taking sedatives."

The situation changed when a Reaching Everyone with Accessible Community Health (REACH) program community health nurse visited households in her community to raise awareness about the REACH program and the need for regular health and wellness checks. Upon checking her vital signs, the nurse revealed that Dada’s blood pressure (BP) level was above the red line. A high BP level can be very dangerous. If left untreated or not managed urgently, it could lead to a heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney failure or even, death.

Recognizing this, the nurse initiated the first line of action—a teleconference session with the REACH program physician—according to the REACH program protocols. The physician immediately placed Dada on anti-hypertensives. In addition, the nurse provided immediate counseling on diet and lifestyle modification and instituted a follow-up plan.

"It was very convenient because I got the anti-hypertensives there and then."

Since that day, Dada has had regular follow-up visits by a REACH nurse to monitor her BP level and to ensure that she is consistently following the suggested diet and lifestyle changes. The two subsequent follow-ups revealed a significant drop in Dada’s blood pressure levels. The community health nurse also refills her anti-hypertensive medication once she exhausts her supply.

“The REACH program has been beneficial to me, especially the highly effective medications that were given to me. I no longer experience the regular tiredness and headaches that I used to have. Many of my neighbors and the people that I know want to enroll in the program because of this.”