About EHA Clinics

EHA Clinics is a world-class comprehensive health care service provider located in Nigeria. We aim to bridge the gap between patients and healthcare services in any setting: the clinic, the home or through innovative online and mobile solutions.

All of our clinics are equipped with the latest healthcare technologies, and the most dedicated team of healthcare professionals, providing a unique range of patient-centric services.

Our Service Difference


We are a one-stop-shop for consultation, diagnosis and pharmacy services. We have onsite labs with sophisticated diagnostic tools which can run tests used in the detection and monitoring of infections and common diseases. Our onsite pharmacies are stocked with a hybrid of international and Nigerian manufactured healthcare products that meet regulatory requirements.


The EHA Clinics’ help desk is available 24/7 to answer questions, book appointments and request healthcare services. Our 24/7 ambulance services are equipped to handle emergencies to hospitals and airports for evacuations.

Patient-centered care

EHA Clinics is designed to enhance the client’s experience in an aesthetic environment. We diagnose and treat patients based on a systematic, evidence-based approach. Our technology-enabled facilities ensure the safe and secure flow of patients data to enable providers make sound decisions during care delivery.


EHA Clinics Kano is the first primary healthcare clinic in Subsaharan Africa to be accredited by JCI for ambulatory care. And its laboratory has been awarded the ISO certification by SANAS ISO 15189/2012

Our Locations